Lorson Resources Limited (LRL) is the leading provider of document storage and retrieval services. LRL has been the trusted option for companies requiring offsite document management services for their vital records as well as records and information management services of active/inactive records.

LRL’s Records Centre provides a state-of-the-art storage facility for hard copy records storage and retrieval services. Equipped with a waterless Fire Suppression system and advanced inventory management technology, LRL’s Record Centre follows stringent ARMA standards in executing and sustaining security and protection systems, facility access, fire protection and information management systems.

Our security measures and 21st century inventory technology, paired with our impeccable attention to detail, ensure that your highly sensitive and vital documents are secure while also being easily accessible.

The Lorson Way!
  • Customer Service
  • Extraordinary Security
  • 24/7 Online access through File Depot system
  • Provides orderly arrangement and control of records
  • Protects confidential records from unauthorized access
  • Controlled Access
  • Climate Controlled Environment