Becoming a Records Manager has not been a career goal of many persons until their experience on-the-job. It has not been a profession that is publicised with a clear path. During our years in the field we recognised the need to bring the benefit of the classroom to individuals responsible for managing the records in the organisation with which they are employed.

Lorson Resources’ aim is to become the records and information management training institute of the Caribbean by providing education and training that change with the needs of the profession and its relevance to our region. All of our courses are aimed at providing a thorough insight into the methodologies and technologies required for best practice running of records and information management systems from micro-enterprises and small business to large-scale corporate applications.

About our Seminars

Our seminars and training workshops are designed:

  • To properly educate, equip and prepare persons to carry out their records responsibilities
  • To establish and improve corporate wide records programs
  • To ensure the proper management of all information, irrespective of medium.

Lorson Resources Limited current offers over twenty-five (25) records and information management related training programs.

On-Demand Training

In addition to our public training sessions, Lorson Resources Limited offers the option for fully customized records and information management training programs, specially designed for your staff based on your organization’s requirements. Please contact us for further details.

About our Instructors

Our instructors and speakers are of the highest calibre, internationally renowned and have had several years experience in the Record and Information Management Industry. Many have also been foundation members with ARMA International and have served on its board.

Our Commitment to Continuous Improvement

LRL constantly expands and revises its education programs as a direct result of feedback from our clients, the records and information management community and our continuous analysis of the records management training function.