Lorson Resources Limited (LRL) is a Record and Information Management consulting and services company.  We are dedicated to working with our clients to ensure that the systems deployed within their environments facilitate availability of strategic information assets.  Lorson Resources Limited was incorporated under the company's act on 4th November 1998 and operates out of its offices located at#119 Penco Street, Lange Park, Chaguanas, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve our clients with a level of professionalism and consideration that sets us apart, while maintaining a superior quality through our innovative approach to customer care and our human resource development.

Our Objectives

LRL is the Record and Information Management Company of the Caribbean.  We are focused at being the dominant solutions and service provider in the information management continuum. Our partnerships are based on a synergy that guarantees the success of all parties.

Our Partnerships



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